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Kitrick consolidates over 500+ publishers worldwide

Books & Media

Books & Media

Religious | Educational | Best Sellers | DVD’s | CD-ROM’s

Special Packaging:

Paper and Shrink Wrapping

Heavy Duty Boxes and Insulation

“We take special pride in our carefully developed and unique system of “Resistant Packaging,” widely acknowledged and complimented by our book stores as instrumental in our books arriving in excellent condition.”  -Betty Kitrick

Special Shipping:

Priority Mail

International Air Mail

M-Bag Air Mail

M-Bag/ISAL (International Surface Air Lift) : Bulk mailing system for distributors like ourselves, designed by the U.S. Postal System for fast, economical, international delivery of publications, but at less cost. (Approximately 1/2-1/3 less than regular air shipments.)  

Air Freight

USA Ground Shipping

“The books arrived and we are grateful to your company for the prompt despatch and for your interest in taking time to write us personally…Again thank you and with every good wish from the South Pacific, and our assurance of prayerful remembrance for you and the excellent people who make possible these services for us in isolated parts of the world.”

-Missionary sisters of the Society of Mary, Suva, Fiji

“We have received –in perfect condition– the books ordered. Thank you for filling our orders.”

-Nakorn Pathom, Thailand


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