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Kitrick consolidates over 100+ Manufacturers worldwide

Medical & Lab Supplies

Medical & Lab Supplies


Biomedical Products | Ergonomics | Lab Plastic and Glassware | Chemicals | Microbiology Products | Filtration | Furniture

Special Packaging:

Heavy Duty Boxes and Insulation

“We take special pride in our carefully developed and unique system of “Resistant Packaging,” widely acknowledged and complimented by our book stores as instrumental in our books arriving in excellent condition.”  -Betty Kitrick

Special Shipping:

Priority Mail

Air Freight

Drop Shipping

USA Ground Shipping

Special Documentation:

Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of Conformance

Special Markings

Custom Labeling for Shipping

Advance Shipping Notice

Packing Lists

Custom Part/Stock Numbers


“We thank you for cooperating in our change of ordering procedure. We will share the catalogues that you send. They are most helpful to us. Again, we both want to express our gratitude for the fine service that you are offering us. It is a pleasure doing business with you.”

-Sister M.H., MSHR & Father E.F., SS St. Dominic’s Major Seminary

Lusaka, Zambia, Central Africa

“Thank you very much for your kind service. You are helping us to serve better these people of Tanzania and especially priests, seminarians, and sisters.”

-Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa

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